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Return Policy: There are no refunds and all sales are final. We want to avoid the 'try before you buy" crowd or the impulse buyers that figure it might be fun to use it for awhile and just send it back. This policy is enforced to keep the quality of our products high and our prices competitive.

If for some unforeseeable reason we do accept a return item the buyer is responsible for a 25% restocking fee plus any original outgoing shipping fees. The returned item must be in new and original condition. Any damage to the unit or worn parts will incur further charges. The buyer is also responsible for return shipping costs. No returns will be accepted without our approval. You must contact us first.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, services or policies. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Disclaimer, Light Primer Strikes: I have a known reputation for producing a dependable light competition trigger kit. But, one out of a couple of hundred triggers might have light primer strikes. This could be caused by several factors such as ammunition, hard/bad/high primers, and the gun not completely locking up, etc. In this case, I have a medium power firing pin spring that will take care of most problems, but will increase the trigger weight a few ounces. In a worst case scenario (especially with the 45 cal.) you may have to use Federal Primers or the OEM firing pin spring. I want to say that this is usually a non-issue, but in some cases this will fix the light primer strikes and you will still have a great competition trigger.

Jager Striker: Vanek Custom is not the manufacture of this part. Jager Products will be responsible to repair or replace any defective product.

Firearms Policy: There are no refunds and all sales are final. We will replace any defective part and correct any function or reliability issues on new firearms. Firearms must be properly maintained. This policy does not cover normal wear and tear or Firearms which have been modified or neglected in any way. Modified slides and frames could potentially fail due to fatigue, especially when subjected to the forces generated by loads such as major 9mm. Failure of the slide or frame is certainly not expected, but cannot be covered under any warranty.

Delivery Policy: We only ship to the United States. Purchased items will usually be shipped within 1 business day after payment is received.

Privacy Statement: We will only use your personal information for billing and shipping purposes. Your personal information is PRIVATE and we will keep it that way.

General Liability Disclaimer: No liability is expressed or implied by Vanek Custom or Charlie Vanek for injury, death, or damages that may result from the installation or use of any products or services offered by Vanek Custom.