Custom Tuned Triggers and Parts for Glocks

Welcome to Vanek Custom! We are one of the original and longest running companies to design and produce the best custom drop-in triggers and modified trigger parts for Glocks since 2004.

After years of research and development, every trigger is custom tuned and built to exacting standards. Whether you are a competition shooter or just wanting to improve your shooting experience, you will find these kits to be of the highest quality available and easy to install. You'll be glad you chose Vanek Custom for competition triggers and parts!



Check out the links below for more info on drop-in trigger kits and parts:

Classic trigger kit thumbnailClassic Trigger Kits - These are designed for use in divisions that do not allow external modifications.




Basic Trigger Kit thumbnailBasic Trigger Kits - These kits use only Glock components that are designed to be used in all competitions including GSSF.




Advanced GM trigger kits are Vanek Custom drop in trigger parts for Glock sport/competition shootingAdvanced Trigger Kits - These kits offer reduced pre-travel with slight external modifications.




Level 1 for Gen5 is a Vanek Custom trigger kit for Glock sport/competition shootingTrigger Kits for Gen5 - This trigger kit for the Gen5 uses components from previous generation Glocks for improved performance.




Slimline trigger kitsTrigger Kits for G43/G43X/G48 - These kits improve the trigger performance of Slimline Glocks.




G44 Stage 1 is a Vanek Custom trigger kit for Glock sport/competition shootingTrigger Kits for G44 - These kits improve the trigger performance of the G44 .22LR.




Custom partsCustom Parts - Custom tuned firing pin safeties and modified trigger housings.




Be sure to reference my Trigger Kit Installation page with detailed pictures and step by step instructions for easy installation. The Slide and Frame Installation will help when removing and installing all custom parts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Vanek Custom products. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your business!

Thank you!

Vanek Custom

All customer information is kept confidential and is not shared or sold.


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