Gen5 Level 1 is a Vanek Custom trigger kit for Glock sport/competition shooting

Gen5 Level 1 Trigger Kit

I have developed two drop-in Competition/Range Gen5 trigger kits; the Level 1 and the GSSF. The Level 1 trigger kit uses the previous generation frame/receiver trigger group (NOT the push-type trigger spring that are in the new Gen5 9mm).  This trigger group produces a smoother, lighter, cleaner break and a shorter reset allowing the trigger safety to function properly while using lighter firing pin springs.
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Gen5 Level 1 Trigger Kit includes:

  • Tuned Trigger Bar w/OEM smooth faced trigger
  • Tuned 3.5 lb Connector
  • Modified Firing Pin Safety
  • Modified Spring Cups
  • Trigger Spring
  • Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • Firing Pin 4.0 Spring
  • Firing Pin 4.5 Spring
  • Firing Pin 5.0 Spring
  • Trigger Housing with (preset) Adjustable Over-Travel Stop

Item: Gen5 Level 1 Trigger Kit... $175.00
Shipping and Handling... $9.00

Buy Gen5 Trigger Kit... $175.00

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The Gen5 Triggers have a pull in the 2 lb. range using a RCBS premium spring scale. This varies due to inconsistencies between individual Glocks. These kits will vastly improve your trigger action. Kits are built within specific tolerances, which will allow them to be interchanged between Glocks of the same frame size.

Use the Trigger Kit Installation links with detailed pictures and step by step instructions for easy installation. The Slide Installation will help when removing and installing the slide parts and the Frame Installation will help when removing and installing the receiver parts.