I just shot my G22 with its new Master GSSF Trigger Kit and all I can say is WOW! Smooth, crisp, & very light trigger pull compared to the stock components on the G22. I’m not even sure that I should compare it to a stock Glock. It looks like a Glock and the grip feels like a Glock, but when I squeeze the trigger it feels like a new gun. The Master GSSF Kit far exceeds my expectations. If the GSSF Kit feels this good, I can’t imagine what the Super or Ultimate Kit feels like. I’d also like to compliment you on your superb customer service. I spoke to you late Saturday morning, placed my order a few minutes later, had an order confirmation and shipping notification early that afternoon, and had the trigger kit in my hand on Tuesday. I couldn’t ask for a better product or better service. Thank you.

Every great review that I have read on the internet about this entire trigger kit experience is true. I ordered the Super Grand Master Trigger Kit on a Friday evening via www.vanekcustom.com. On Saturday I received an email from Charlie indicating the kit was sent. I received the kit on Monday. I precisely followed the website instructions how to install and finished the entire installation within 1 hour. And that was just taking my time. I have a Glock 23 with a recently installed Ghost 3.5 lb connector. It’s nothing special. It’s just ok and it works. But I can tell you one thing. The Super Grand Master Trigger kit I just installed in a new Glock 22 changed the meaning of drop in trigger kit. I honestly didn’t expect the smooth and precise trigger pull. I have to say it pushes the envelope remembering trigger jobs on the Ruger 22 and 1911 bullseye competition guns. Very very nice. One of our local guys shoots USPSA and ranks fairly high in his classification standings. He does many of the local shooter’s Glock trigger jobs including one for me. Charlie, the Super Grand Master Trigger should be called the “Ghost Buster”. Absolutely magnificent action and pull. It is truly a professional drop in trigger. Far exceeded my expectations on the entire buying experience.

Just installed the classic trigger in my G34. As I am no expert it took me about 5 minutes. Everything dropped right in actually better than factory parts. The quality, fit and finish on the parts is really amazing. Almost hate to install them and get them dirty. After functions checks I started working dry fire and reset to familiarize myself with my new upgrade. Well, upgrade is actually the wrong word. This is no upgrade this is a completely different trigger. I have messed around with all sorts of configurations trying to do what your kits have done in 5 minutes. Smooth as silk, no over-travel, reduced creep, clean glass rod break, and crisp reset. I am completely amazed at how this performs. Thanks for the terrific customer service and outstanding products.

I have the classic and two of the super triggers kits. Charlie puts a lot of time into the firing pin plunger to help eliminate light strikes. He also makes sure that all safeties work in every kit. He cares about the quality of his products and cares about the safety of his customers.

I just received and installed a Super Trigger kit which I purchased from you. I must say it is everything you said it would be and more. The trigger is much smoother, crisper and lighter than I expected. I do want to state again, I am impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your product.

I just wanted to send a bit of feedback, not like you do not have a ton already. I ordered a classic trigger for my G35; I thought the factory 3.5lbs trigger was nice, better than their usual 5.5lbs trigger. I just started to shoot IDPA in the SSP and ESP classes with my G35. I installed the trigger last night; you instructions on line were very easy to follow. Racked the slide and OMG. I’m in love with this pistol all over again. Light, crisp and no creep. Thank you for very fast ordering processing, shipping and making a great trigger.

The SF kit dropped in fine and is real smooth & light. I put this gun in everyone's hands to show off the trigger pull. All that have tried it were very impressed. No problems, and yes my accuracy has improved a LOT with the super kit in it. I'll send them your way. I'd have to set the guns up side by side but I believe I now have the best Glock trigger I've tried. Thanks.

Charlie, so far a little over 5k thru the beast…a couple of IDPA matches, USPSA matches and a lot of just foolin’ around… I had to quit letting other people shoot the gun, they’d run off with it and use up all my reloads. Oh yeah, one day about a week ago, I shot up all of the reloads that I had done with Winchester, CCI primers, not one failed to go off, probably close to 1200 rounds.

I want to say thank you for building a putting together a high quality trigger group. I compete in IDPA competitions and I have improved dramatically because of the lighter trigger. It almost feels like i have a brand new gun. I have the classic trigger group in the G21 and it is awesome. Whenever someone asks what I have done to the gun, I tell them about your great work,prompt service, and your website. I spread the news about your triggers all the time because I have to share this great customer service and the experience of my new trigger!

I received and installed your Master GSSF Trigger Kit today and the difference in the trigger is like night and day. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the amount of pre-travel removed and the crisp feel of the trigger. I will be recommending you and your products to anyone who wants the best in Glock trigger components.

I received my new trigger 3 days after ordering it and want to say thanks for the outstanding customer service. After installing it I was quite impressed with the reduced over travel and the short reset. In fact, I believe your trigger has dispelled the myth and bad rap Glock triggers have received from 1911/2011 shooters. This trigger is very much like a 1911/2011 style trigger and gauged at 2-1/4 pounds. VERY NICE!!!! I shot it the first time last night at a match and showed it to several other Glock shooters. They too were impressed and I gave out your web address to three of them. Thanks again.

It was a pleasure doing business with you. I purchased your Classic trigger for my 34 and all I can say is Wow. I had installed a Ghost 3.5 connector prior to getting your trigger and was not happy with it. The Classic trigger is awesome. It is predictable, smooth, and has a crisp break. Installation is easy following your on line instructions. Your product is well worth the money.

I recently purchased one of your trigger kits for my Glock 22. I just wanted to tell you what a joy it was doing business with you. You were very pleasant to talk to over the telephone. Your kit did everything I was told it would do and then some. I will recommend your products to anyone looking for a trigger for the Glocks. Thank You a Very satisfied customer.